The Team

​​​​​​Matthew Brockman

Founder, Managing Partner

Matt’s experience includes a 30 year career as a member of the New York Mercantile Exchange and as a partner in a Wall Street brokerage firm with a global client portfolio.   Dynamic, accomplished, entrepreneurial, and a results driven professional with expertise in commodity trading, risk management, brokerage operations, compliance, retirement planning, financial planning, insurance products, anti money laundering, business start ups, sales,  management and team building.  Expertise involves networking with foreign consulates, foreign and domestic chambers of commerce and foreign and domestic stock exchanges. Holding or attending exclusive round table and networking events to introduce companies to new investor opportunities, both foreign and domestically. Negotiating and networking globally with C- Level executives.

Paige Alexandra Juliano

Managing Partner

​Paige's expertise lends value added as she quickly learns and assess a project or organization’s strengths and weakness to determine best practices and methods to launch, turnaround and implement successful strategies adding to their overall bottom line. Paige's years of expertise in consulting, lending and project management offers vast knowledge including her in-depth research abilities and expertise providing any team with added leverage. Paige enjoys managing projects, reaching sales goals, researching new technologies, developing new strategies, structuring joint ventures and increasing company profits. Paige has established relationships with both Angel investors and VC's in the US and internationally and works to develop strategies to help entrepreneurs launch in the marketplace.. She holds an impressive list of industry contacts in lending, technology and the music industry where she sings country with musician friends both in New Jersey and Nashville. Paige additionally is an integral member of ThyroidChange a global non-profit organization based in NJ where she provides her expertise in strategy, research and is certified in Holistic Health and holds an Executive Level MBA from George Washington University.

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