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CSV promotes the Valued Art Assets of Maria Cherry Gallery and Artists including HR Lovell

The Maria Cherry Gallery proudly presents the original works of art by HR Lovell

March 2018 at the Tennessee Valley Museum the show will be facilitated by Quentin Horner and HR Lovell (41 Originals) Link to Twitter: For more information.


Capital Strong Ventures with Maria Cherry Gallery help to promote the  HR Lovell original collection and giclee reproductions signed by the artist.  Maria Cherry Gallery is a full-service gallery featuring the work of  H.R. Lovell, Tennessee's Artist in Residence 2001-2003. From original egg tempras and watercolors to seven color giclee'reproductions.
All images shown in the following pages are available as giclee' reproductions in various .  Please contact us @ 1-844-393-7878 for prices and sizes on giclee' reproductions, and also for original works still available.

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​Capital Strong Ventures is a Global Firm with strategic partnerships internationally along with partnerships in Art 

Of notable acclaim: HR Lovell is compared to Andrew Wyeth... as “The Andrew Wyeth of the South.” 

Featured are paintings by H.R Lovell, Tennessee’s 2001- 2003 Artist-in-Residence. His works of beauty and grace draw viewers into peaceful, relaxing settings, usually nostalgic in tone. Lovell’s scenes truly express the spirit and assets of Tennessee. Lovell primarily utilizes watercolor and egg tempera in his creations. Watercolor is used for brushed, pliable strokes, and egg tempera for intense depth of color and illumination. His paintings are often characterized by strong composition, late afternoon sunlight, and deep shadows. His meticulous attention to detail gives his paintings photo-realism. Born and raised in Cheatham County, Tennessee, Lovell developed an awareness of his surroundings long before he picked up his first paintbrush. He is completely self taught and has been called, “The Andrew Wyeth of the South.” by the world famous native american artist R.C .Gorman.  Lovell has also been the only artist R.C. Gorman has invited to have a full showing and sale of his original artwork in Talus, New Mexico.  Lovell has painted commissioned pieces for Mel Tillis, Randy Travis, Don Light, and Mario Pasin, President of Radio Flyer. He was a featured artist at the first Farm Aid, “Colors of the Heartland,” with John Mellencamp.   

Maria Cherry Gallery proudly displays his Original Paintings and Prints @


Capital Strong Ventures proudly has chosen this outstanding collection of artwork by HR Lovell as an addition of assets available within the Firm and the Family Office.  

For more information, call (844) 393-7878. 

​​Capital Strong Ventures is a Global Firm with strategic partnerships internationally along with partnerships in Asia, Luxembourg and Berlin.