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Our Entrepreneur/Business Platform is a comprehensive platform affording Premium Resources with Best in Business Practices.

At Capital Strong Ventures we realize that we are in the era of the Entrepreneur and Prosperity so we aim to be a successful centralized resource to support entrepreneurs and business owners.  We realize that under capitailization is the number one reasons why businesses fail.  CNBC - Statistics 400,000 are created annually. 470,000 business are closing leaving a deficit of 70,000 according to the US Census Bureau.

Optimism - 2016 There is a surge of Millennials entering the labor market therefore they are likely to boost business creation as they approach the peak age for business formation. (Jonathan Ortmans/Feb 2016) 

Capital Strong Ventures Vision for the Entrepreneur Platform is centered on Job Creation and enabling those entrepreneurs to create the most wealth, jobs and contribution to innovation.

At Capital Strong Ventures we are a one stop resource for any entrepreneur

 entering the marketplace.  We envision a platform that drives value for the 

entrepreneur, providing resources that are vital assets and which every business needs to thrive.

How our Model works: At Capital Strong Ventures we provide the entrepreneur with access to resources every business needs.  In addition our NO DOC Business Funding Solution 

provides SEED CAPITAL whereby the majority of entrepreneurs get stuck and

cannot launch do to their pre-revenue status.

Not only does this benefit the entrepreneur, it can also be a source of payment for a service from one of our "service providers" to the entrepreneur.  For example: A Tech entrepreneur needs an App developed.  Typical App development can run between 60K - 400K dollars plus.  The No Doc Business funding can provide the entrepreneur the seed capital they need to pay the development firm.  And without the entrepreneur needing to give up equity in his company.

WIN/WIN - The entrepreneur launches their APP and their Tech firm is paid.  

  • Educational Resources for Entrepreneurs (Business Model Canvas/PitchDeck)
  • No Doc Funding Program (Seed Capital)
  • Business Incorporation Services 
  • Legal Services - Legal Shield
  • Business - HR & Personnel & Staffing
  • Medical Insurance & Benefits
  • Tech Development Services  (SEO/ERP/Marketing & Branding)
  • Media Buys/Advertising/Radio Promo 
  • Merchant Services
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Human Resources/Staffing/Benefits/Workplace Training
  • Access to Commercial Funding/Investors & Crowdfunding
  • Investor to Entrepreneur Match
  • Commercial Financing: 1)Large Scale Project Financing 2)Infrastructure Financing 3)Commercial Property Aquistions 4)Hard Money 5) Bridge Loans 6)Luxury Lending Program

We live in the age of the entrepreneur.
 Today, rock stars, movie stars and professional athletes all aspire to be 

tech entrepreneurs.

It’s estimated that 100,000 technology startups reach the basic funding stage

 every year. Angel investors (including friends and family members) help about half of these companies with their initial development. Fewer than 10% 

(about 4,000) are then able to show enough promise to actually receive a first

 round of capital from venture or private equity sources. The challenge becomes how to sell your product and create a sustainable revenue stream, so that you can further develop your product

 offerings, build your infrastructure, repay your investors, and pay yourself. Unfortunately, many tech startups get stuck at this stage

 because they can’t quite figure out a scalable way to go to market. 

Often, this is because they’ve been founded by technologists, and sales

 is not an area of expertise. Or perhaps it’s because the only person who is passionate enough to sell the product is the person who developed it. Or people may believe their invention is good enough to sell itself. So sales doesn’t become a focus of attention until cash starts to burn.

Capital Strong Ventures ​NO DOC Entrepreneur Capital & Business Funding can help to fill in the gaps to take a company to the next level.

At Capital Strong Ventures we look to help your business be a success!

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