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ObtainCare’s Bill Shield ™ will become your communication hub between you and your medical billers. We will protect you from billing errors (overcharging, incorrect codes, procedures that didn’t happen, fraud) and aggressive debt collectors.

Typically Insurers will try to deny for example:

We will deny an expensive claim that we should cover, just to see if you notice the mistake...😜...

Please read below how some insurers pull this off, how we can help, and tell us what you think 🤔

Insurers like you best when you don’t cost them much, and so some companies have an unofficial (or even semi-official) policy to automatically reject high-expense claims that ought to be covered. Many patients won’t know they can contest it or won’t understand the charges, and so will assume the bill is factually correct, paying thousands that they don’t legally owe. You might ask, ‘How do they get away with it?’ First, the burden of proof is on the patient who rarely wants to take on the insurer. Second, the insurer typically says, ‘Oops! Computer error!’ if they’re caught.” It has to be widespread fraud before it becomes important enough to pursue by the government.” This means you can spend hours to advocate your self, or we can help you for only $ 10 a month and monitor every medical bill you receive!

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