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NOO Investment C/O Refinance or Purchase

Non Owner Occupied Business Purpose

Borrowers looking to refinance or purchase N/O/O SFR, 2-4 unit properties, 5+ unit multi family, Mixed Use or Office & Retail can look for some of the best rates in the Non-QM industry with our Business Purpose Program.  Long term (30 year) loans with NO balloon payment and Interest only options available.  You can count on many options for prepayment privileges and impounding for your property taxes/insurance.•    No Income Proof Needed •    All Loans are N.I.V. (No Income Verified) •    LTV up to 80% •    No DTI Ratios •    No DSCR calculated on collateral •    Rates as low as 5.99% •    Up to a 1 Point Buy-Down •    Loan Amounts from $50,000 - $5,000,000 •    Lending to LLC's, S-Corp, Trust or Individuals •    Property Types Include: SFR, Condo, 2-4 Units •    Interest Only Options Available •    Foreign Nationals--OK •    100% Gift Funds--OK