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New Business Loan Program Up to 1M LOW FICO Okay www.CapitalStrongVentures.com

New Business Loan Program now available that can reach $1,000,000!

Qualified for based on the Business' strengths as opposed to Personal.

Ideal for those that don't have 680+ credit &/or enough Personal income to qualify for the usual 5 to 7 year Term Loans. www.CapitalStrongVentures.com

Items Needed For Pre Approval:  - Current 3 Bureau Credit Report (500+)  - One Year Personal Tax Return  - Last Two Years Business Tax Returns  - Last 3 Months Business Bank Statements (Must show $10,000 per month revenue)  - Something To Confirm Current Loan(s) In The Business' Name  - 1/2 Page Application Completed - Call 844-393-7878 Fixed Rate Business Loans:      - Up to $1,000,000      -  1 To 10 Year Terms      -  7% To 17% Typical Interest Range      - Does NOT Show On Personal Credit